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JULY 2022 - Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphoedema is a condition where fluid accumulates in the body’s tissues and causes swelling. It occurs when the lymphatic system has been impaired, e.g. through cancer treatment, and is thought to affect 200,000 people in the UK.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is specialist reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymph reflexes in the feet to encourage lymph movement and drainage from the body. It was developed by Sally Kay Bsc (Hons) through clinical practice in cancer care with the aim of relieving the symptoms of Lymphoedema in breast cancer survivors. The technique has subsequently won multiple awards including Winner of 2019 National Lymphedema Network Award for Outstanding Contribution to Lymphology.

In May this year I had the privilege of training with Sally Kay and have subsequently qualified as an approved RLD practitioner. In order to do this, I was required to conduct and submit a case study for review. My case study participant suffered from lymphoedema in their left lower limb following lymph node removal. I took measurements of the limb before and after each reflexology treatment to calculate the volume of fluid. After 4 treatments the participant had achieved a 270ml reduction in fluid in their lower leg and has provided the following feedback on their experience:

“Until l started reflexology my leg always felt so heavy and painful. Fast forward to now. My overall feeling of wellbeing has started to improve and is walking easier. Still get the odd day when l might not be able to do long walks…but l’m walking every day a little more. Shoes are not so painful to put on. The lymphoedema will never go away, but with regular reflexology l honestly think l will learn to live with it in a more positive way. Thank you Sarah for letting me be your “chosen one””.

Evidence from a growing body of case studies suggests RLD may also be useful for clients with autoimmune disorders, e.g., Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, allergies, migraine and many other inflammatory conditions.

National Stress Awareness Month - April 2022

The 1st April marks the start of national stress awareness month. Statistics from 2019 show that up to 74% of adults in the UK have reported feeling stressed and unable to cope. Since then we have also had to contend with a global pandemic and its direct and brutal impact on our lives. Sometimes stress can be beneficial and short lived and have no ill effects on a person i.e. stress of a job interview. However, long term stress has a negative impact on our mental and emotional health leaving us feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable to feelings of anxiety and depression. It also affects our physical health and contributes to a wide range of physical problems including:

• Headaches

• Muscular tension

• Difficulty sleeping

• Digestive upset

• Reduced immune system

Stress awareness month is intended to provide an opportunity to acknowledge stress and break the stigma surrounding it. It also encourages us to prioritise ourselves and look for ways to reduce and manage our own stress levels.

How can Chester Reflexology help?

Reflexology is a gentle therapy which encourages a feeling of deep relaxation. When we are in a relaxed state the amount of stress hormones being secreted by the body decreases. Then the physical indicators of stress such as increased heart and breathing rate will reduce and digestion can restart. As a result, restful sleep may be restored, muscles can relax and digestive upsets may begin to improve. Like exercise, reflexology promotes the release of endorphins which help us to relax and regain a more positive frame of mind. The feeling of human touch in itself can be comforting and soothing for a person. It results in the release of the feel good hormone oxytocin and neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin which counteract feelings of anxiety.

For the duration of Stress Awareness Month Chester Reflexology will be offering a special discount on appointments. All hour treatments will be reduced to £30. Please contact for more information and to book.

For more info on Stress Awareness and for free resources you can visit